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July 18, 2023

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Coromandel Beach Wedding

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10 Captivating Coromandel Beach Wedding Locations for Your Dream Ceremony

Are you envisioning a picturesque seaside wedding against the backdrop of pristine sandy beaches and turquoise waters? Look no further than the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand! Renowned for its breathtaking coastline, the Coromandel offers an array of stunning beach wedding locations that will make your special day an unforgettable experience. In this blog post, we present 10 exquisite beaches in the Coromandel that are perfect for your dream wedding.

Waihi Beach

Located just south of the Coromandel Peninsula, Waihi Beach offers a delightful blend of sun, surf, and stunning coastal landscapes. The long stretch of golden sand provides a spacious and picturesque setting for your beach wedding. The gentle waves and clear waters add a touch of romance to your ceremony, while the surrounding dunes and rolling hills create a scenic backdrop for your photographs. Waihi Beach is a versatile location that can accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations, making it a popular choice among couples seeking a balance between natural beauty and accessibility.

Waihi Beach cormondel wedding
Married on Waihi Beach in the Coromandel

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Whangamata Beach

Situated on the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula, Whangamata is renowned for its magnificent beach and vibrant seaside atmosphere. With its fine white sand and crystal-clear waters, this beach is an ideal choice for couples who want a dynamic and energetic wedding celebration. The expansive shoreline offers ample space for your ceremony, and the surrounding headlands and lush greenery provide a dramatic and picturesque setting. Whether you choose to exchange vows by the water’s edge or amidst the vibrant town atmosphere, Whangamata promises an unforgettable beach wedding experience.

Whangamata Beach Coromandel Wedding
This beautiful couple wed on Whangamata Beach on a private beach front property

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Mount Maunganui Beach

Nestled at the base of Mount Maunganui, this iconic beach destination combines natural beauty with a vibrant coastal town atmosphere. The pristine sandy beach, lined with swaying palm trees, sets the stage for a romantic and picturesque wedding ceremony. With stunning views of the imposing Mount Maunganui and the glittering ocean, this location offers endless possibilities for capturing breathtaking wedding photographs. Mount Maunganui Beach’s lively atmosphere, coupled with its stunning coastal scenery, creates a unique and unforgettable ambiance for your special day.

Mount Maunganui Beach wedding in the Coromandel
Married with their large bridal party on Mount Maunganui Beach in the Coromandel

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Cook’s Beach

Cooks Beach: Just a short distance from the Coromandel Peninsula, Cooks Beach provides an enchanting coastal backdrop for your wedding ceremony. The long expanse of white sand, fringed by native Pohutukawa trees, offers a tranquil and intimate setting. The calm and clear waters of Mercury Bay create a serene atmosphere, allowing you to exchange vows with the gentle sound of waves as your soundtrack. Cooks Beach offers a sense of seclusion and natural beauty, making it a perfect choice for couples seeking a peaceful and romantic beach wedding experience.

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Hahei Beach

Nestled within the enchanting Te Whanganui-A-Hei Marine Reserve, Hahei Beach is a captivating location for a beach wedding. The pristine sands, azure waters, and rugged cliffs create a picturesque and dramatic backdrop for your ceremony. Say your vows amidst the natural beauty, with the sound of seagulls and crashing waves in the background. The tranquil atmosphere, coupled with the stunning coastal views, sets the stage for an intimate and unforgettable wedding celebration. Hahei Beach truly embodies the essence of a Coromandel beach wedding, combining beauty, serenity, and a touch of adventure.

Hahei Beach wedding
Married up on the grassed area above Hahei Beach

New Chums Beach

For couples seeking an untouched paradise for their wedding, New Chums Beach is an absolute must. Accessible only by foot, this secluded beach captivates with its unspoiled beauty, making it an extraordinary choice for an intimate ceremony.

Otama Beach

Framed by lush greenery and golden sand dunes, Otama Beach offers a serene and secluded location for your beach wedding. The unspoiled natural beauty and the peaceful atmosphere create a romantic setting that will leave you and your guests captivated.

Whangapoua Beach

Featuring pristine white sands and turquoise waters, Whangapoua Beach is a slice of paradise on the Coromandel Peninsula. The breathtaking scenery and the relaxed coastal vibes make it an exceptional choice for a laid-back beach wedding celebration.

Onemana Beach

Situated in the charming village of Onemana, this beautiful beach offers a unique combination of rugged cliffs, golden sands, and crystal-clear waters. Say your vows against the backdrop of dramatic scenery and let the coastal charm enhance your wedding day.

Opito Bay

Opito Bay, with its sparkling azure waters and golden sands, radiates tranquility and natural beauty. Surrounded by lush native forests, this secluded beach provides an intimate setting for a truly unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Matarangi Beach

Conclude your list of potential Coromandel beach wedding locations with the stunning Matarangi Beach. This picturesque stretch of sand offers panoramic views of Great Mercury Island and showcases the region’s scenic beauty, making it an ideal venue for a romantic seaside celebration.

Any Coromandel Beach Wedding Will Ultimately be Awesome!

For those looking for a Coromandel beach wedding, The Peninsula is a treasure trove of exquisite beach wedding locations. Each offering its unique charm and natural splendor. From the breathtaking Cathedral Cove to the secluded paradise of New Chums Beach, the Coromandel promises an unforgettable setting for your dream wedding. Embrace the serenity, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, and let the Coromandel Peninsula be the backdrop for the beginning of your lifelong journey together. Your perfect Coromandel beach wedding awaits you in this coastal paradise.

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