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July 11, 2023

Bridal party photos in the forest at Bridgewater Country Estate

A Bridgewater Estate Wedding

My Journal

Tiffany & Mario’s Bridgewater Country Estate Wedding

This Bridgewater Estate wedding was gold! Tiffany was a guest at the wedding of another bride I photographed a year earlier. I didn’t meet her on the day of that first wedding but she had watched me work away and once she saw the photos of her friend Lucy (you can see her wedding photos here), she got in touch with me and we booked her and her fiance Mario for their wedding.

A funny coincidence was her parter and mine shared the same name. It was funny for me to meet another Mario, a name that isn’t super common in New Zealand. But whilst my Mario is from Mexico, Tiffany’s hails from Macedonia. And the beautiful part of Mario’s heritage, was that he bought the culture to his wedding, a culture I had yet to witness and photography. Let me tell you, that dance floor was a fun one and ALL the guests got up and danced, young and old alike.

The Bridemaids

Tiffany got ready with her girls in her own home with her 4 bridesmaids and some of her close family members. They were big TikTok fans so along the way, a few videos were made, including a ‘Princess Diaries’ style reveal.

getting ready wedding photos auckland
wedding photogprahy getting ready in auckland
bride and bridesmaids getting ready auckland

The Groomsmen

The guys all got ready at Bridgewater Country Estate‘s on-site accommodation. Relaxed and chilled, they spent the morning having some beers. Unbeknownst to the guys, the bride’s entourage had just arrived at the venue and we were capturing some photos of her outside her bridal suite. The boys, including the groom, unknowingly strolled by mere seconds after the bride had re-entered her bridal suite. It was a heart-stopping moment, where the groom almost saw his bride before the ceremony but luckily it was just a close call.

groom getting ready bridgewater estate
wedding ceremony bridgewater  country estate
bridgewater estate wedding ceremony
bridal portraits at bridgewater country estate
bridal portraits forrest wedding
wedding reception bridgewater estate
dancing at bridgewater estate

Bridgewater Country Estate is one of my top Auckland venues. If you are interested in hiring this venue for your own wedding, take a look through another gallery from a Bridgewater wedding HERE.

Here is a slideshow of all the best moments from Tiffany and Mario’s Bridgewater Estate wedding to take a look at.

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