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July 9, 2023

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The Importance of Quality Wedding Photography

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Why Does Wedding Photography Matter?

“Did anyone else feel disappointment over their wedding photography? We got ours back today and I’m really sad about them. They are really dull and nothing spectacular. I look sad and depressed in most. I could cry, not the wedding day I want to remember!” – Facebook post on Wedding Discussion Group – New Zealand.

Unfortunately, I read these posts on Facebook wedding groups on a regular basis and it makes me so sad. As a wedding photographer that puts so much heart into capturing my couples wedding days, I would literally cry if a client said this about the photos they received from me. It would break my heart as much as it breaks theirs.

I understand how much budget constraints effect how much you are able to invest in a wedding photographer and not everyone can afford a 10K package. And that’s ok. However, when you choose a budget or inexperienced photographer because they are cheaper, you risk becoming one of the brides that posts on Facebook later how disappointed you are in your wedding photos.

There are some amazing new and upcoming photographers that you can score an amazing deal with, who are establishing themselves. These photographers want to gain client’s and a create a portfolio and will give you a great quality service for an affordable price. These photographers are out there and you can 100% find them. But, beware as there are many who are not going to give you a high quality experience or end product. And that saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true too often.

Why Should You Choose an Experienced and Reputable Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography and videography content are the things you get to keep following your wedding day. Everything else is consumable or will never be used again. Think about your decor, the flowers, your wedding dress, hair and makeup, the food, the cake, the list goes on. But photos will last longer than your life together (if you print them!). So whilst I may be biased (because I am a photographer), I really truely believe that the photos are one of the aspects of your wedding day that you should really invest in.

There are wedding photographers that are there to offer you a budget service that captures the day, and there are wedding photographers that want to give you so much more. I personally strive to help my clients get more than just photos out of my service. I want them to trust that I will deliver them an experience that takes care of everything. This includes preparing them on what to expect, giving them advice before their wedding to get better photos, helping them feel at ease in front of the camera, capturing photos that are authentic to them, and delivering a final product that they LOVE more than they ever expected!

When you look at your wedding photos after your day has passed, I want you to be transported back to those individual moments you experienced. I want for you to remember how you felt and the emotions that you had. You should be so proud of your wedding images that they adorn the walls of your house and they become your social media profile pictures. And you make them into an album that you showoff to your friends, and share with your kids when you have a family. These photos should be printed and passed down through your future generations to remember you as you were and the love you shared.

I also want you to be comfortable with me being in your presence. Because wedding photographers spend more time with you on your day, than anyone else. Often even more than your newly wedded partner. So it is important to find a photographer that you vibe with. Wouldn’t you hate it if you hadn’t met your wedding photographer until the day of your wedding, and you didn’t really enjoy having them around. As humans, we don’t always get along with everyone and thats ok. But for your wedding day, it’s a massive thing to be forced to spend the day with someone you actually don’t vibe with. This happens! I have witnessed it personally.

wedding photography auckland
It’s so important to find a photographer that has a personality that you like and get along with

So What Should You Consider When Booking Your Wedding Photographer?

  • Find a wedding photographer who has a style that you LOVE!
  • Ask friends, family and others in the wedding industry for recommendations.
  • Do your due diligence and research them. Take a look through their social media profiles and read their reviews online.
  • Meet them! Know them. See if you get along well and feel at ease with them.
  • Ask to see a full wedding gallery. What you see on websites and social media is curated. It is the best of their work so it’s good to get an idea of what you actually will receive.
  • Ask them about their contingency plans, if they get sick, if their gear fails, how they protect your photos.
  • See how well they communicate. If they are slack at getting back to you before you are a confirmed client and they don’t have a genuine reason for it, it’s likely they will continue to be so.
  • How much value are they offering you? I don’t mean gifts or free albums etc… I mean how much are they invested in making sure you get the best out of your wedding photography. Do they offer you recommendations, advice, planning tips… If they do, then they are invested in being there for you.
  • If you suspect red flags, dig deeper. And if in doubt, get out! If they are too cheap, find out why?
  • Think of your wedding photos as an investment. They will become more and more valuable to you as you get older.
  • If you have doubts, ask for the opinions of others. The New Zealand Wedding Discussion Group on Facebook is a great place to ask these questions. Chances are, someone before you has had experience with the photographer you are looking at.

bride walking to her ceremony
Wedding photography should capture both the polished and composed moments, as well as the raw and candid ones.

What To Be Wary Of When it Comes to Wedding Photography

  • Again, Price. If someone is really cheap, ask yourself why? and investigate
  • Multiple negative reviews on Facebook and Google. How do they respond to these negative reviews? Sometimes negative reviews for someone’s wedding photography can be a misunderstanding or people can have expectations that exceed what the service genuinely can provide. Have they tried to rectify situations?
  • No reviews at all. Sometimes, those who have a lot of poor reviews deactivate their accounts to keep these reviews out of site.
  • Lacking experience in weddings. There are many photographers out there but not all genre’s work the same way. For example product photographers shoot differently and with different equipment to wedding photographers. So make sure if you are choosing a photographer, they have experience with shooting weddings.
  • Bad quality of photography. In this instance, stay right away. You have to be happy with the photos you are getting so don’t even risk it.

Interested in Wedding Photography with Me?

I promise you, that if you trust me to be your wedding photographer, I will serve you well. My couples become my priority and being there for you is my job. I will always answer your emails and calls, I will give you great advice and guidance to help you get the best wedding photos and you will not be disappointed. You can check out my work HERE and learn more about me and the way I approach weddings HERE.

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