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June 14, 2023

Abel Estate wedding venue

Abel Estate Wedding – Dominic & Amy

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Dom and Amy exchanged vows in the picturesque Abel Estate, located in Auckland’s enchanting Kumeu region, during the blissful summer of 2023. Originally intending to host their wedding amidst the meticulously groomed grounds of the estate, the couple had to adapt their plans due to an impending rainstorm. Consequently, they decided to move the ceremony indoors, a choice that proved to be serendipitous. The interior of Abel Estate showcased its inherent beauty, enhanced by the elegant white and green floral arrangements thoughtfully arranged by the estate’s dedicated staff. This unforeseen alteration only served to augment the wedding’s enchantment, creating an atmosphere brimming with magic.

Dom was eagerly waiting at the estate as guests started to arrive for his wedding. He spent time greeting each of them and catching up with everyone whilst we waited for the arrival of the bride.

The arrival of the bride

The radiant bride, Amy, adorned herself in a breathtaking yet elegantly understated gown by Jane Hill Bridal. Her hair and makeup had already been expertly done by Made-up by Ruth. Accompanying her were her adorable flower girls, donning adorable matching pink dresses from Arabella and Rose. The bridal suite of the estate served as the perfect gathering place for Amy and her flower children, allowing them a precious moment together before embarking up the aisle. Amy exuded a remarkable sense of tranquility and anticipation, clearly displaying her profound joy in marrying her cherished best friend.

With a seamless transition, let us delve into the details of this unforgettable day.

The Ceremony at Abel Estate

In a delightful procession, the charming flower children led the way up the aisle, forming an adorable cluster. Meanwhile, Dominic eagerly awaited the arrival of his beloved bride. Amy, accompanied by her mother, beamed with happiness as they joyfully made their way toward Dominic. The excitement between the two was evident—they simply couldn’t wait to exchange their vows and officially unite in matrimony.

To make the ceremony even more special, it was officiated by the groom’s own brother—a touching and intimate choice. The ceremony itself was beautifully simple, filled with heartfelt vows and sprinkled with lighthearted humor. As they declared their commitment with the words “I do,” their love was sealed with a passionate kiss. I managed to capture this enchanting moment from the celebrant’s perspective, resulting in a truly extraordinary photograph.

Now, let’s continue unraveling the enchantment of this remarkable day.

After the Ceremony outside at Abel Estate

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the guests seized the opportunity to extend their warm congratulations to the newlyweds. We then proceeded to gather at the pergola for a series of group photos, just as the sun decided to make its grand appearance, causing temperatures to soar. The sudden heat and intense brightness necessitated a change of location to ensure everyone’s comfort. Flexibility was key as we navigated the sun-soaked surroundings, seeking out pockets of shade that offered softer, more flattering light. Unfortunately, the previous rain had left the grass area waterlogged, prompting us to exercise creativity to prevent any shoe-related mishaps. Despite the minor challenge, we successfully captured the desired group photos, allowing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.

With the group portraits completed, it was time for the bride and groom to savor a well-deserved moment of relaxation. They indulged in delectable canapés and refreshing beverages while mingling with their cherished guests. After this delightful interlude, we embarked on a journey to capture the timeless essence of the bride and groom in their exquisite bridal portraits.

Bridal Portraits on Abel Estates Stunning Grounds

Abel Estate offers a plethora of enchanting options for capturing captivating portrait photos. We embarked on our creative journey by exploring the charming mini vineyard, where Dom and Amy strolled hand in hand. The picturesque surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for these heartwarming moments. We then transitioned to a more expansive area nestled beneath the canopy of a magnificent willow tree, allowing us to capture some more intimate photos.

As we made our way towards the pergola, the gracious host of Abel Estate stopped with a snack before I captured a slightly more formal pose of the bride and groom. However, I couldn’t resist injecting some playfulness into the session, instructing them to sway and dance evoking joy and laughter. The iconic jetty of the venue beckoned us, providing an idyllic setting for a few additional portrait photos, showcasing the couple against the backdrop of nature’s serenity. Finally, we concluded our session along the pathway leading back to the estate building, which offered a captivating vista for our final shots. Personally, I hold a fondness for these last portraits, appreciating the depth and variety they bring to the collection.

I am thrilled to have been able to capitalise on the diverse features of the venue, delivering a fusion of artistic expressions that capture the essence of Dom and Amy’s special day.

vineyard at abel estate

The Reception

The culmination of the wedding festivities commenced with the grand entrance of the newlyweds into the reception venue. Their eagerly awaiting guests had gathered, taking their seats in anticipation. The first order of business was the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake. Subsequently, everyone mingled and engaged in heartfelt conversations with the happy couple, cherishing the opportunity to reconnect and share in their special day.

The delectable meal provided by Abel Estate was very tasty. As the evening progressed, speeches were delivered, each one a heartfelt tribute to the love and union of Dom and Amy. These meaningful words created an emotional tapestry, weaving together laughter, nostalgia, and heartfelt wishes for the couple’s future.

My photography coverage drew to a close with the first dance shared by Amy and Dom. The dance and radiant smiles encapsulated the essence of their love story, leaving an imprint on the hearts of all who witnessed it. It was a perfect finale, sealing the memories of a truly magical wedding, forever treasured by the couple and their loved ones.

By Suzannah Maree

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