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April 11, 2023

Getting married in the CBD of Auckland City,

You Don’t Have to Have a Wedding to HAVE a Bridal Portrait Shoot

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So, Maybe you & your partner are not getting married, EVER! Or perhaps you got married but were not happy with your photos? Or it could be that you just want to have some stunning pictures of you and your other half? So how about you get dressed up, get your hair and makeup done, maybe even get your besties together if you want to go that little bit extra, Find yourself a Photographer (I am HERE btw!) and have a photoshoot!

This couple had a cool story! They chose to not be locked into their relationship by marriage, but by choice. They likened their relationship to that of birds, who were free to fly away at anytime, yet choose to stay together. I love that idea! Instead of wedding rings, they got matching bird tattoos as a symbol of their love for one another. And to make this photoshoot even cooler, these 2 dressed in their cultural outfits. She is from Peru & he is from Russia and they included props such as musical instruments and the alcohol that is traditional to their countries. You can see more photos of their gorgeous shoot in THIS gallery.

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Instead of marriage, they are committed to each other by choice

The next couple married 4 years ago in Cartagena, Colombia and had an incredible wedding. But the one thing they were not happy with was their wedding photos. They decided to have a re-shoot of their wedding portraits and the great things about this was they had the freedom to make it fun, quirky and authentically themselves. Take a look at their gallery HERE.

Trendy photoshoot with short wedding dress in the cbd of auckland. Spiral staircase, bus stop and telephone booth in these photos
Dancing in the city for their modern and trendy bridal re-shoot

Here is another couple that got married overseas, this time in India. They had very traditional photos that they love, but they also wanted to capture some photos of their home in Queenstown to give their bridal gallery a completely different look. Take a look at their gallery HERE.

Queenstown re-shoot of wedding photos with a horse, set in glenorchy with mountains and mist in the background
Getting some beautiful mountain photos after their wedding and why not include a horse too?

So do you feel inspired? Maybe your anniversary is coming around and you feel like a vow renewal? Or is this your sign that even though you don’t want a wedding, you shouldn’t miss out on great photos for your wall?

Love Suzannah Maree

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