Suzannah McFall

February 14, 2023

First Kiss in Auckland Church

The ‘Best’ First Kiss Angle!

My Journal

For the last few weddings I have photographed, I have changed up how I shoot my first kiss. Traditionally, I would capture the first kiss from the middle of the aisle, looking up towards the alter at the bride and groom. But recently I was inspired by others in the wedding photography industry to stand from the point of view of the celebrant in order to capture this image. Here are a few of my most recent ‘first kiss’ snaps…

First kiss from the celebrant POV in Matakana
I love how you get to see the guests cheering and celebrating in the background, the real and raw emotion is beautiful
First kiss inside the church
Some of my couples have even practised their First Kiss poses in order to get the BEST photo!
Piha Beach wedding first kiss guests
This variation has the guests in focus and so you can see more of their emotions
Allely estate first kiss

So, are you getting married soon and would you like one of these snaps in your gallery?

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