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January 30, 2023

Wedding food truck catering in Auckland

Should You Book A Food Truck For Your Wedding?

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There are so many options for catering nowadays when it comes to weddings and it can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to factor in cost, dietary restrictions of the guests, venue regulations and deciding exactly what style of catering you want. For those who book their day at an all-inclusive venue such as an estate or a hotel, the catering can be pretty straight forward. But for those choosing a venue that does not include catering add-ons (such as backyard, DIY, rented hall or barn etc…), this is where the world of options really opens up and gets a little confusing.

Wedding Food Truck, guests line up to be served food from this food truck
Hungry guests waiting for their delicious food

A Food truck is the best option

So what are the options? Onsite caterers, Spit roast, Food cooked offsite and delivered hot to the wedding, canapés or platters, grazing tables, buffets, BBQ, Potluck… the list goes on! But what do I personally recommend? And what have I seen to be one of the easiest, simple and most efficient options? Hire a Food Truck!

Wedding entree from an auckland based food truck

Why Food Trucks?

Why Food trucks? Basically all you need to provide them with is a way to hook up to electricity, and they do the rest! Choose a food truck that serves the type of food you want to eat at your wedding (and here once again, the options are endless, Mexican, Fish ‘n’ chips, Pizza, Spanish food, Burgers, Asian fusion… You get the point.

Food truck vendor from Auckland finishing off the entrees
Food Truck vendor preparing the entrees

On your wedding day, they arrive at the specified time, they cook on-site and they bring with them all the things they need so there is no requirement for a kitchen, running water or cooking equipment. Once the food is ready, guests can take turns to collect their food. Having a set menu with 2 options seems to work best but don’t forget to cater to those with specific dietary requirements. Food trucks often serve on disposable plates with disposable cutlery and this means there is no clean up, other than providing an area for rubbish and making sure it is taken away at the end of the wedding. Find a food truck that serves several courses, such as an entree, main and dessert and this will keep your guests super happy as the food keeps coming throughout the course of the wedding reception.

Wedding Food truck with guests waiting in the rain in Matakana
Even in the rain, this Food Truck was a good option

Some tips for selecting an Auckland Food Truck

Here are some extra tips for selecting a food truck vendor…

1. Choose the food you as the Bride and Groom want to eat. It is your day after all so what YOU want matters most.

2. Book early! The best food trucks get booked fast for a reason, they are a hot commodity!

3. Do your research to make sure you find a good food truck vendor. Ask for recommendations from other wedding vendors and other brides (such as in wedding Facebook discussion groups). Check google and Facebook reviews.

4. Try before you buy. Find out what events particular food trucks have coming up (they don’t just serve food at weddings but often you will find them at markets and other public events). Go and try their food and see if you LOVE it!

5. As mentioned earlier, make sure you find out about your guests dietary requirements, and pass that information onto the Food Truck so they can serve an alternative. Also, don’t forget about your wedding vendors that are with you on your wedding day, they will get hungry too.

6. Enjoy having one less thing to stress about on your big day and let the Food Truck do all the catering. There is no need to ask for help from your guests, or pay anyone to serve food. It is super easy, super efficient. And at the end of the food service, the Food Truck will pack up and leave without any cleanup necessary!

dessert from food truck with two options to choose from at a wedding in Matakana
These desserts were delish!

Auckland Food Truck Recommendations

So if you are now considering this as an option for your wedding, Auckland has many options, but take a look at one of my vendor recommendations for an incredible Food Truck that I have worked with as a wedding vendor. You cannot go wrong with these guys and your guests will be raving about how good your wedding food was!

Catch’ya Cookout –

Mexican food truck tacos for a wedding
The best Tacos i’ve ever had at a wedding

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